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The Way We Live Today

This is what a small pub-lish-ing com-pa-ny looks like in stor-age.

On a Wednes-day in the mid-dle of May, a truck from Phoenix Restora-tion showed up at New Star’s alley-way entrance with the office con-tents they had tak-en away in the days after our March 7 fire: a dozen pieces of fur-ni-ture, and some-where between 600 and 700 card-board car-tons which con-tained every-thing that was not destroyed in the fire.

Since the fire we had  been able to car-ry out many func-tions of a pub-lish-ing com-pa-ny, but for two months we were unable to ful-fill some orders because the entire stock of some titles was lodged in the restora-tion company’s ware-house. So the first order of busi-ness has been to restore our ship-ping func-tions. This has now been done. New Star is back to turn-ing orders around in 24 to 48 hours. Thanks to all our cus-tomers for your patience dur-ing that stretch.

A ben-e-fit held on Sat-ur-day, March 31 at the West-ern Front pro-vid-ed a big boost — spir-i-tu-al-ly as well as finan-cial-ly. We’d like to thank every-one who attend-ed to demon-strate their sup-port for New Star; all the many read-ers who donat-ed their time and tal-ents; the West-ern Front, for gen-er-ous-ly donat-ing their space and time; and to all the read-ers: Anakana Schofield, Daphne Mar-latt, David Char-iandy, Dona-to Manci-ni, Fred Wah, George Stan-ley, Jamie Reid, Jacque-line Turn-er, Jeff Derk-sen, Judith Williams, Laris-sa Lai, Peter Cul-ley, Roger Farr, Roy Miki, Steve Col-lis, MC Char-lie Demers, and Clint Burn-ham, who put the entire enchi-la-da togeth-er,