Cerigioli Gardens
Farm Fresh Produce from the Viola Valley
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The Cerigioli Gardens

Located four miles east of Redland Oregon within the Viola Valley, Cerigioli Gardens is a ten acre family owned farm.  Established in 2010, Cerigioli Gardens grows a variety of meats, vegetables, and berries  offered fresh through a community supported agriculture membership. We raise healthy and humanly cared for pasteurized poultry, grass fed St Croix sheep, heritage farm breed rabbit, free range ducks, heritage Auburn turkies & free range farm fresh eggs. Using traditional, chemical free farm practices we supply our members with healthy flavorful food throughout the Willamette Valley growing season.

ChickenWhere to buy Cerigioli Garden Products and Availability

Learn about the different products we carry and where you can purchase them locally.

greenhouseVegetable CSA Membership

Click here for more information about becoming a community supported agricultural member. This is the first step to becoming a member and learning about how you can support local farms while recieving high quality produce.

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Cerigioli Gardens a Business and a Family

Learn about our practices as a business and what we stand for. Also meet our family and see the faces of those that are Cerigioli Gardens.
The Cerigioli Gardens

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Estacada, OR 97023